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8secondsfic's Journal

Eight Seconds
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Eight seconds doesn't seem like much, but it's enough to change your life. You can go from having a job to not. Go from no one knowing your name to having a room full of people cheering for you. Go from healthy and whole to broken and battered. Find out you've won the lottery. Find out your girlfriend is pregnant. Quit your job. Lose a friend. Get engaged. It doesn't take long for your world to turn upside down.

Your challenge: show those pivotal eight moments in fiction. Write stories based around them, showing what can happen in such a short span of time.

This is a prompt table community along the lines of fanfic100 (and so many others). Pick a fandom/pairing/character and a prompt table and comment on the claim post. Once you've stated your claim, post a fic for each prompt in the table you chose. When you've written and posted a fic for every prompt in your table, comment on the "I'm done!" post -- you'll get a banner and your name will be added to the list of champions.

The tables:
Table 1
Birth Death School Love
Move Family Old Writer's Choice

Table 2
Job Promotion Mistake Presentation
Fired Victory Retire Writer's Choice

Table 3
Date Kiss Love Lies
Dance Engagement Anniversary Writer's Choice

Table 4
Spring Summer Fall Winter
Morning Noon Night Writer's Choice

Table 5
Dry Spark Catch Burn
Chill Freeze Snow Writer's Choice

Table 6
Lay Crack Walk Leap
Fly Flock Feather Writer's Choice

Table 7
First Last Bleed Magic
Light Angel Inside Writer's Choice

Table 8
Dirt Rope Spur Jump
Ride Land Win Writer's Choice

A few notes/rules:
- Each fic should address a specific eight seconds. Preferably the fic will cover only those eight seconds, but there's leeway there. They should be the driving force behind the fic, however.
- There's no limit to how many people can claim a given fandom and table. Original characters and universes are welcome, as well!
- You can have up to three claims at a time. When you finish a claim, you're welcome to make another.
- Write for the prompts in your table whatever order you like.
- While themes are implied in some tables, you're not tied to them -- feel free to interpret each prompt however you choose.
- One prompt per fic. You'll have to write eight fics to finish a table.
- You must post to the community for every prompt. You can post the entire fic or a link to it on your LJ.
- There is no minimum or maximum word count. If you can do it in a haiku, go for it.

Posting fic:
- All fic must include headers with at least the following information: Title, Fandom, Prompt, Table number, Rating, Warnings.
- All fic longer than a haiku must be put behind an lj-cut.
- All ratings/pairings/content is allowed. However, adult content and questionable material (rape, incest, etc) must be warned for.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me at feathersflight [at] gmail [dot] com, or comment on an admin post.